The Healing Dance

Meike Laan – Spiritual Worker

Spiritual Work and Healing

Spiritual Work and Healing

Hi and welcome to my website

We all carry the innate capacity for healing within ourselves. I see it as my task to assist and guide you in your journey towards self healing.

A Spiritual Worker acts as a bridge between the physical and spiritual layers of reality. In concert with the elements and my spiritual allies I work to bring you healing and insight into the imbalance, disease or pain you would like assistance with.

I offer Body Deva work (working with the spiritual consciousness of our body) and Journey sessions.

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Coming Home

Healing is like a dance. Our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies are all interwoven. By gently navigating your field, removing boulders from your stream, unfreezing parts of you that were frozen, and bringing back pieces of your puzzle that were lost, my aim is to bring you home to yourself, so you can access greater states of wholeness and well-being, reconnecting to innate vitality and flow.

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To book a session, please write me a short message to let me know what you would like assistance with, and I will intuit if I can be of service.

Sessions are NOK 850 – 1250 (US 100-150) sliding scale (you pay what you can afford) and can be paid trough paypal. I speak English, Norwegian and Dutch

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